Belmar Bungalow

Composite Decking

Renovated Porch

Our client wanted to renovate their 1921 bungalow, on the New Jersey shore, to accommodate a family room, office, and bathroom. To stay within budget, a small rear-addition was built, and the remaining budget was focused on upgrading the exterior finishes and insulating the building envelope; the front porch was rebuilt with columns, composite decking, and stone steps.  The new family room opens into the kitchen providing a functional and open area for entertaining and plenty of room for their dog, Charlie, and three cats to enjoy.

To increase the R-value of the house, spray-in closed cell insulation was added to the existing house and new energy efficient windows were installed.  With the old siding removed, insulating became very cost effective.  The new HardiShingle siding  [All natural, non-toxic, renewable and highly durable] provided a fresh, timeless aesthetic. The front porch was rebuilt with columns, composite decking and stone steps.