Ayrlie Water House

Before Construction

Before Renovation

Place’s philosophy, when renovating a space, does not always mean increasing its size. Since the Ayrlie Water House’s sunroom was the client’s favorite room, and because it overlooked the water, our main goal was to transform it into a year-round gem. The existing roof-slope was kept; but the windows, doors, and finishes needed an upgrade. A new slate floor, low VOC paint, and window pattern were added. However, what gives this space its ultimate character involves the dramatic barrel-vault, placed over the three-foot addition, to accommodate a large built-in bench.

Vault Framing


Because natural lighting is an element that we incorporate into all of our projects, the remodeled kitchen called for a full wall of glass. Not only is there now plenty of day-lighting, but the connection to the outdoors has been improved. The island [end] design ‘X’ and counter brackets with a beaded board panel, sets this design apart from the ordinary. The simple cabinet fronts [Plain & Fancy] are accented with a personal pull/knob and several glass doors for display. A bar sink and extra counter space, toward the outside wall, is one of many multi-functional areas that do not interfere with the other cooking spaces. The Caesarstone countertops and stone backsplash give the kitchen a clean, fresh and coastal feeling. Details infused into any project are design-touches that bring a project to life.

Completed Project

Completed Project

The master bathroom was also part of this renovation. Because our clients entertain guests throughout the year, this space was down-sized, off the main hall. Using just enough square footage to get the job done, a minimal design incorporated a small corner-sink and round front-toilet. The master bathroom now houses a freestanding wood-vanity with a marble countertop and oval porcelain under-mount sink with a larger shower. The existing skylight brings in the daylight. The vanity, located in front of an existing window opening, inspired a creatively-designed vanity mirror, mounted on a bracket. The mirror can rotate 90 degrees to land in front of the window for privacy or put in the open position, to allow the daylight and breezes in.

The collaboration on this team included:
Interior Design: Erin Paige Pitts Interiors
Contractor: Owings Brothers Contracting