Morris Master Bath

The Morris House residents, a young couple with a 4-year-old son, were seeking a renovation that would bring more light, functionality, flexibility, circulation, and comfort into a home they could “really love.” Place’s strategy was to listen carefully, take the practical aspects of the client’s wish list, stay within budget, and create a unique design to make their vision a reality.

Master bath shower niche, Tom Holdsworth Photography

Master bath shower niche, Tom Holdsworth Photography

Better circulation and flow was attained, for both daily use and entertaining, by opening the wall between the existing living room and kitchen and then combining the small-outdated kitchen with a new addition. There is now a functional cooking area adjacent to a light-filled breakfast area, due to the addition’s upward-sloping ceiling and taller windows. This design creates a family space that has become the most popular room in the home. Plans are in place for a terrace and landscaping off this part of the renovation.

Because the home is currently heated with radiators and a boiler, the most efficient and comfortable way to provide uniform heat to the new addition, is with radiant-floor heating. An engineered wood-floor was placed over the new heating system.

Several unused rooms, on the first floor, were transformed into a master bedroom, with a bath that could double as a powder room. The master bath has an over-sized walk-in shower with large planes of glass to provide definition and maintain the desired openness. A recessed shampoo shelf occupies one wall, allowing more space for shampoo and bath items. Additional features include a shower bench and two shower heads that are placed on opposite walls. A closet and cabinets under the vanity provide an abundance of storage.

The client’s aspirations were grounded and realistic, when considering the size and scope of their project; place’s philosophy for making a space better, does not always mean making it larger. Staying within budget was also a driving factor throughout, especially when selecting project finishes. The individual spaces are not huge, but they are well placed; and all of the pieces come together to create the whole.