Moss Hill House

Kitchen Terrace, Photo Credit: Vince Lupo

The Moss Hill house is a mid-20th century structure, using the enduring principles of design that, today, would be called “sustainability.” Built into the side of a hill, exposure to the elements is lessened, taking full advantage of the insulating capability of the earth, while still providing two full floors for living. Surrounded by trees, the glass walls bring the outside in and fill the house with natural light, evoking a tree-house affect.

This project is an excellent example of Place architecture:design’s ability to improve a family’s quality of life, while dealing with a structure that has an efficient footprint. All aspects of the house have been renovated. We began by redesigning the bathroom layouts; employing daylighting strategies; updating finishes with smart materials; and replacing mechanical systems with proficient technologies.

Kitchen + Breakfast Area

Kitchen + Breakfast Area

The clean rectilinear lines of the exterior compliment the interior’s crisp white walls that amplify the interplay of light and shadow; the dark-stained oak floors provide contrast and the white lacquered floors give other spaces a bright glow.

The client was thrilled that their finished whole-house renovation retained the integrity of the original structure and kept its connection to nature, while bringing their living space into the 21st century.