North Lee Kitchen

The North Lee residence was in need of an innovative overhaul that would offer more flexibility, functionality, and comfort to the home. The project’s target-goals were to work with the existing massing; redesign the floor plan, to expand the areas used on a daily basis; maximize small spaces, maintain the budget, and satisfy the client’s vision.

Kitchen Island and Dining area

Kitchen Island and Dining area

The proposed interior schematic-design switched the kitchen and office spaces; and combined the laundry and bath areas, to provide more room to better serve the family and accommodate their out-of town visitors.

The kitchen, which was originally located at the front of the dwelling, now attaches to a cozy dining area at the rear of the house, allowing for a view of and easy access to the exterior. Shaping the ceiling upward adds more height, to create an abundance of light, and makes this room the most popular space in the home. Using cost-effective kitchen cabinets from IKEA, saved enough to splurge on custom-fabricated Maple countertops.

By designing a space-saving all-in-one, full bath and laundry room, we created an open-multiple-functional bath area. The shower curtain moves along the ceiling-track and doubles as a partition for the washer-dryer unit. When the shower is not in use, the space is available to dry laundry on a portable rack.

The final design is functional, fresh, uncluttered, and simple; our not-so-big-house philosophy meshed perfectly with the clients’ existing lifestyle, making for great team approach and seamless communication between client and architect.