Woods Hill House

The owners of the Woods Hill property, were immediately attracted to this 1969 non-descript structure, nestled into a beautiful wooded hillside. It was love-at-first-site; and complimented their appreciation of nature and interest in outdoor activities. As empty-nesters, they were ready to down-size, simplify their lifestyle, and transform the house into a comfortable hideaway, with a modern aesthetic.

place’s renovation philosophy is to design flexible open-spaces with an abundance of light; all-the-while being mindful of the clients’ desires, needs and budget.

The existing floor-plan, with rooms closed off from one another, was reconfigured to offer their clients three open, flexible options. Their choice was place’s most ambitious design; with unique and innovative concepts to enhance the renovation. The heart of this home is the kitchen; perched a step above, overlooking the living room and sunroom areas. By opening up these three spaces, there is now a free-flowing dialog between rooms.

Kitchen window

Very large operable and fixed windows were introduced in both the kitchen, sunroom, and master bedroom, respectively, achieving the goal to create oversized-framed views to the outdoors, an abundance of natural light indoors, and additional natural ventilation. The kitchen cooktop’s cabinet-wall, designed as a piece of furniture, with all cabinets dressed in maple and white. The mosaic backsplash has a hint of green, representing a delicate leaf. This color palette is in sync with the subtle values and warmth of nature, visible through the 5′-0″ x 5′-0″ awning window.

A screen porch was added onto the side of the interior’s sitting-room, enabling two spaces to become one. A unique three-panel bi-fold door, separates the indoor-outdoor space; on nice days, plenty of natural ventilation flows through the house. Woods Hill House is everything the owners wished it to be.