Mid-Century Kitchen

Schematic Design Sketch

Our client’s goal was to create a modern kitchen, that would blend-in with the rest of their mid-century home. A place where they could cook, bake, and entertain. To accomplish this, three feet was added to the out-dated layout, of irregular and disjointed shapes; and re-configured into a rectangular footprint, that made room for a new central island, and additional L-shaped counter-space; which improved the kitchen’s aesthetic, circulation, efficiency and functionality.

Overall Kitchen View, Tom Holdsworth Photography

Walls and doorways were moved. New windows were added at the main sink. To maintain visual access to the home’s entry, a pass-through was created between the kitchen’s top and bottom cabinets. The rich natural-walnut wood, framing the white-painted cabinets, window, island, and pass-through opening, compliment the matching upward-sloping ceiling and gives the kitchen an elegant warm, earthy feel. The multi-toned slate flooring and geometric-patterned back splash, with its mid-century hue [muted blue-green by Heath Ceramics] complete the contrasting color palette.

By using natural materials and giving special attention to clean lines and functionality, this renovation has been transformed into a light-filled space that met the client’s every need and expectation.