With the mountains of Utah as our backdrop, this project actively reimagines a utilitarian garage structure that once held vehicles, skis, and bikes; transforming this existing footprint into a fully functional home. A large open floor plan gave us the freedom to reshape the way our client lives and functions day to day. 

This lot was subdivided, which played a significant role in the planning and execution of our design. To be most efficient with the layout, we organized all of the living spaces to the rear, allowing for privacy from the adjacent property. The wood screen serves as a visual divider between the two properties, creating an intimate garden area off of the kitchen.

Through our design process, we strategically placed windows to increase natural ventilation and sourced reclaimed wood for various parts of the home. With sustainability and longevity in mind, energy efficient insulation and sustainable features were a conscious choice. Coming from a traditional, 1940’s home, this contemporary space supports the flexibility of living in today’s world.